Gartner Emerging Trends 2015 already addressed in Proteus iGRC

Gartner have outlined the key issues they believe GRC software developers will need to address this year. Proteus iGRC already has the capability to address all of them.

If you don't test your controls you do not have control

Best practice standards such as ISO27001:2013 are dependent on controls being in place. If you don’t test these, then you do not have control of your business security.

Embedding security culture into your business DNA

PwC's 2014 Information Security Breaches report stated that 70% of all information security breeches are due to human failure to adhere to company policies. Embedding security culture into your organisation's DNA is a key driver to improving security.

Forensic testing - detect abnormal behaviour and supports forensic prosecution

Store unadulterated data securely to enable it to be used for forensic investigations where security has been breeched; it needs to be of sufficient quality to be admissible as evidence in court.

You are only as secure as your weakest link

Increasingly organisations are understanding the need to ensure the security of their supply chain. Proteus delivers Vendor Risk Management.

30 day enterprise wide audits

By the time most organisations have set up their compliance software, the business has changed. Not so with Proteus. Real results can be achieved within weeks.

Integrated GRC approach, using your existing infrastructure saves you time and money

Rather than jettison existing investment in security systems, harness their power by bringing them together with integrated GRC: Proteus iGRC.

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infogov has the solution.
It's a solution that works whatever the size of your business …

Gartner's new take on GRC technologies for 2015 announced by Gartner's Chief of Research for Risk & Security, Paul Proctor, raises issues already addressed in Proteus iGRC.

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Reasons to choose Proteus® Enterprise™

  • Short setup times
    No endless reliance on consultants
  • Fast to implement
    add users when you want
  • Intuitive to use
    designed to make information capture painless
  • Web based
    for access over the internet of via your intranet
  • Dashboard viewer and Powerful Reporting
    puting you in control

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Proteus® was primarily brought in to enable us to achieve PCI compliance, but its uses beyond this remit were evident from the start.

The ability of the solution to adapt to the needs of the entire organisation is unmatched.
Stephen Thornber Chief Information Security Officer

Standards supported by Proteus® Enterprise

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Many available in English, Spanish and French.